Why Do You Need to Redesign Your Website

Reasons to redesign your website:
Convert new visitors into leads and customers.
Attract new generation people e.g students, youth.
To increase the Branding of the company.
Your design is too old according to latest trends.
Website is not compatible with Smart Mobiles & Tablets.

Keys to a successful website:
Greate UI/UX: A website should have neat & clean layout and it should attract people and force them to stay on the website for long time.
Convert: A website should convert convert visitors in to sales & long term customers.
Analyze: A website should be able to produce measurable ROI.
Tips For Website Redesign Process:
Audit Website & Protect your key assests:

Don’t loose your valuable content, useful links, important keywords. All these factors can be the reasons of low traffic & less leads.
Focus to create great content:

“Content is King” so give more focus to create valuable content instead of creating beautiful design. Write Blogs, Create Links, Do social media marketing.
Make it easy to run conversion experiments:

a). Create simple and target oriented landing pages
b). Market these landing pages everywhere.
c). Track your conversation rate, the amount of traffic you got from these landing pages.

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